Wedding Vibes (first day or our lives)

I love weddings. As a guy who spent his college years binge watching How I Met Your Mother, I've always been up for any excuse to "suit up". It goes beyond that for me now though. 

It wasn't until years after our own wedding (almost 8 years ago now... yeesh) that I realized I'll never have an excuse to get that group of people all back in the same room again. Friends from different circles, family from out of town – there's no other day in your entire life that all of these people will go out of their way to be there with you like they will on your wedding day. 

We made the most of it, that's for sure. It was a PAR-TAY. 

We're so grateful to the people who came and sang and danced their hearts out for us that day. Some of them we've lost contact with – as one does – but we think of them every time we're at a wedding. We remember how they showed up for us and made a point to let us and all of downtown know that they were behind us. We remember the first day of our lives together, and we're grateful that it was wrapped up in a haze of celebration and love. 

This is what weddings mean to us now. It's a chance to remind ourselves of our commitment to each other – to honor that silently in our seats while we hold hands and remember. But it's also a chance for us to show the happy couple that we're behind them. By singing at the top of our lungs or dancing until the heels and ties have to come, take it to the next level because this is the first day of their lives together and it's an honor to be a part of it.

We were grateful to be a part of Sami and Ryan's beach wedding in San Diego a month ago and even more honored to be able to film it. Check out the video above and remember then next time your at someone's wedding that this is the first day of their lives together.

Dance like it. Sing like it. Give them that memory. 

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A peak into the first day of our lives together – and friends who partied hard to make it a night to remember. 

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