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We're passionate about collaborating with others. Sometimes that may look like providing a live soundtrack for events, capturing and directing videos, developing a brand or individual's story, or road-mapping creative and exciting marketing strategies. We aren't a print shop or an agency. We're creatives who want to partner with you to tell the best story possible. 

To put it plainly: We want to work with you. 

Marketing & Social Media Consulting

There is so much great content out there that never finds it's way to the masses because of a lack of something as simple as the right plan. We love developing unique strategies for Creators, Brands and Influencers to launch the projects and campaigns that they're passionate about in a way that gets noticed. This includes:

  • Brand Development

  • Marketing Plan Development

    • Album Launches

    • Crowd Funding Projects

  • Content Creation Strategy/Services

    • Graphic Design

    • Video

    • Cinemagraphs

    • Lyric Video

  • Email Marketing Strategy/Set-up

  • Creative referrals for photo/film/design

Music & Booking

Our first passion is writing and performing music. We would love to talk about playing your event, and if we aren't available to play ourselves, find the right local artist for it. We also believe deeply in collaboration over competition and would love to talk about co-writing with and for other artists. 


There's never been a better way to communicate story, or capture a moment better than video. Whether it's your wedding day, a kickstarter campaign or a run-and-gun on-the-go vlog, the right videos have the ability to stop us from scrolling and actually follow a content creator on a journey. 

Examples of our work:

Uploaded by Dave and Kate on 2019-04-17.
We shot this one-take film for our friends Hello Shannon.



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