Free Fall


It's taken us a long time to get here. Seven and a half years if you only count the time we've been "getting here" together.  People told us that life wasn't a sprint but a  marathon... people were wrong.


          is a free fall

                              at 30,000 feet.

In a marathon, you know your route. The roads have been blocked for you and you set the pace. The sidelines are packed with onlookers ready to cheer you on or hand you a much needed drink. And your family and friends are waiting at the finish line to congratulate you.

Life is not a marathon. 

Life is a free fall and we spent our 20's almost missing out on the view from up here while we struggled to find a foothold that wasn't there. We didn't have the comfort of pavement beneath our feet. The pace had been set – a steady, constant gravity that pulled us on. But for all that we lacked, what we did have was a powerful momentum that didn't come from our own strength to carry us through. 

It's tempting shy away from that feeling in our gut just before we fall - just before the jump. You know the one. It's the same mixture of excitement and fear we feel in the moment before a first kiss. It's the one we spend our money at theme parks trying to recreate in an effort to go back to our jobs on Monday and say that we felt something. 

The best things in life happen on the other side of that feeling. Maybe it was never meant to caution you away from the edge, but it's always been a beacon for the most formative moments in your life.

Maybe that sinking feeling of the fall is the small cost of your greatest achievements and all you need to do is push through to the jump.

As for us - we've decided we're more at home in a free fall than we were trying to "run a race" by our own strength. With a handful of people we love to our left and right that we can share the ride with – its scariest and most beautiful moments – we've found a deeper peace in the letting go and falling than we ever had in our struggle for control. 

That's all this site is. Just a place where we can document the leaps we take and the friends we take them with. That, and an opportunity to encourage you to do the same. You may not need to leave your job or uproot your life to take the leap. You can probably do it the moment you pull your eyes away from this screen. Maybe it's a phone call or a short drive away for you. Maybe it's just a shift of perspective. Whatever it is though... we're looking forward to enjoying the free fall with you.