Never Stop Exploring

We. Love. Travel.

We believe you should travel often and travel with people you love whenever possible. A few weeks ago we took a life-changing trip to Iceland with two of our best friends to film for some upcoming project we have coming out and just see the sights together.

We have a full travel vlog coming out soon, as well as a “what’s in our bag” Iceland edition so that we can show and review all of the gear that made this trip possible.

But before too much time goes by we wanted to make this simple video as a thank to The North Face for equipping us with the footwear we needed for this trip. At the end of a long day hiking through rivers and freezing rain it was a huge gift to have warm dry feet that weren’t sore from the day’s walking.

Check out the video and I you’re looking for a pair of hiking boots yourself. we can’t recommend these enough.

Where to buy for Men:

Where to buy for Women:

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